Our Team

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff members at The T.E.C. Schools are innovative and experienced professionals. Lead teachers are certified in the Montessori Method and trained in integrating STEAM education. Each staff member, specialist and teacher, lead and assistant, brings unique talents to the school that enrich the T.E.C. curriculum. Every teacher’s passion for working in an innovative environment is exemplified in the students’ projects and performances. Specialist teachers for music, fitness and technology are professionals who practice their art in their respective industries. They also have extensive experience working with children. Our faculty and staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid. Faculty and staff at The T.E.C. Schools are goal-oriented individuals who continue to model lifelong learning through their commitment to professional development. Their innovative approach to teaching is based on research, observations, evaluation and reflection of the curriculum and teaching practices.

Rupali Sharma:
Founder, Director and Teacher

Jill Perkins:
Founding Member and Lead Teacher

Matthew Zachary Johnson:
Music Director and Upper Elementary Teacher

Christina Papalilo:
Support Staff

Eric Chiem:
Technology Specialist

Ammar Dheyab:
Fitness Instructor

Nancy Sergi-Gott:
Science Specialist

Giuliana Barejadiaz:
Spanish and Nutrition Teacher

Carol Kronopolus:
School Nurse Consultant

Mary Avola:
Montessori Teacher and Content Support Staff

Community Partners
In order to extend The T.E.C. Experience beyond our classrooms, we have developed strategic partnerships with professionals, local institutions and businesses in Worcester. These partnerships promote business and industry engagement in STEAM education activities at every level. Students learn from the masters, develop unique skills and become meaningful contributors to their environment.

 We are excited about our partnership with the Worcester Art Museum!

T.E.C. students and families can continue their learning at TEC after school and on weekends. Benefits include:

  • Expert docent-led tours 
  • Gallery Studio Workshops using WAM studios
  • Close consultation on curriculum/gallery connections 
  • Free membership for all students, faculty, and staff of TEC
  • Free membership for students’ families
Our partners at African Arts in Education enrich T.E.C.’s Continent Study Unit with a robust arts, music and engineering program.

In this unique immersion program, students:

  • Learn African-drumming and dance, with a focus on uplifting rhythms of West Africa
  • Study various artifacts of Western Africa and create their own
  • Build a djembe and understand the science of sound
  • Participate in a dynamic and interactive concert featuring Crocodile River Music’s world-class performers!
We are proud to partner with Think Tank at Technocopia, a MakerSpace in Worcester.

At Think Tank, our students experience high-quality learning opportunities in science and technology! 

  • Students learn basics in tool safety.
  • Participate in real-life wood working projects
  • Integrate botany studies and make unique botanical prints!




Leadership at The T.E.C. Schools is guided by a Board of Advisors comprised of accomplished professionals who bring the strategic expertise, resources, and perspectives needed to achieve our mission and strategic objectives. The Founder/ Head of School engages proactively with the advisors in cultivating and maintaining good relations with our constituents as well as the broader community. The Board of Advisors is also committed to developing a rigorous academic program that includes tried and tested Montessori principles, an innovative and integrated STEAM approach, and best practices in the education industry.

Mark Powell:
Founding Member, Montessori Leadership Collaborative Assistant Principal at Montessori International College, Australia

Margie Smetana:
Head of Montessorie at Barrie School

Nausheen Moulana:
Strategy, Growth, and Governance Advisor

Mangesh Kirtane:
Entrepreneur and Leadership Coach

Shrikant Rangenkar:
Business Advisor

Rohit Sharma:
Strategic Planning

Ginny Sadana:
Parent Liason

Parent Partnership
We believe that parents are crucial partners in the education of their child. We encourage parent participation in school events, and offer many opportunities for parents to contribute to the learning experience in the classroom. Our Parent Organization is a great resource for parents to network, learn about the school, and support the teachers and students on a regular basis. We are attuned to the needs of hardworking parents and offer a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn extra-curricular skills. We communicate regularly so that parents are always aware of school happenings.