Our Mission

The mission of The T.E.C. Schools is to cultivate children’s natural curiosity and educate them to reach their highest potential and become accomplished, moral, and intrinsically satisfied individuals. Using the scientific tools of education in a Montessori environment, students meet their intellectual, social, and emotional needs by engaging in hands-on, real life experiences to prepare for life.

Happy friends in the park on a sunny day

What T.E.C. Students Look Like

Students at The T.E.C. Schools are curious and independent creators who possess the skills to pursue interests passionately, confident to try something new and take risks, while seeking innovative ways to impact the community responsibly.

How Does T.E.C. Work?

Our teaching method is anchored in the three tenets: Think, Explore, Create.


At The T.E.C. Schools, we believe that all students are thinkers capable of producing high quality work of which they are proud. We also know that students learn best when they are curious and interested in a topic. The vast, sequential, challenging curriculum is made comprehensible through carefully prepared, attractive, hands-on Montessori materials. These sensory inputs facilitate hand to brain connection sparking interest in learning and students are motivated. Teachers recognize the unique talents of each student and foster their interest, encouraging students to take charge of their learning. Every day students ask many questions and seek answers through independent work during the large blocks of uninterrupted work time. Using the individualized Montessori approach students develop rigor, work ethic, and focus, which in turn helps them learn core academic skills to enable independent thinking. 


Often we hear, “Do what you are passionate about.” But where does this passion come from? We believe it comes from experiential learning, from a deep understanding of a topic, from accidental discoveries that are made while collaborating with peers, and from gaining mastery over skills. In addition to the core academic skills, students at The T.E.C. Schools are immersed in a robust integrated science, technology, engineering, arts and math program called STEAM. Students learn the scientific method and the iterative engineering design process to explore the fundamental principles that make our world work. In a systematic approach from learning about safety methods to handling specialized tools, students learn to use technology as they learn the science, history and geography curriculum. This exploratory component of our teaching method inspires students to be passionate about their learning while developing soft skills of time management, collaboration and peer mentoring.


Whether a student chooses to be a poet or an artist, an entrepreneur or an engineer, a scientist or a comedian, we empower every student to create value that adds to the quality of life in our global community. The T.E.C. Schools work directly with local institutions focused on STEAM education, creating opportunities for our students to participate in field experiences and STEAM-related competitions. In this unique, cooperative association with community partners, students apply their knowledge and skills to create real life solutions that address the needs in their community. During this collaborative process, students develop mastery in areas of their interest. By expanding our learning environment from the classroom to the neighborhood, and from the country to the world, students at The T.E.C. Schools, however young, learn that they are important contributors to the global community and play a part in the well being of their environment.


Moral Compass

At the The T.E.C. Schools we believe that true education lies not only in imparting academic skills, but also in developing a sense of purpose in life. Our code of conduct is defined by the values we embody. Students at The T.E.C. Schools develop their own moral compass through practice as the core values become an integral part of their education. Students emulate adults around them. Adults at T.E.C. are role models for the students who demonstrate how to be gracious and kind members of the community. We cultivate a safe environment where students feel comfortable to discuss conflicts and arrive at resolutions. At the T.E.C. Schools, faculty and staff members, students and parents live by six core values that define how we work and treat ourselves and others.

  • Be respectful
  • Seek truth
  • Strive for excellence
  • Achieve balance
  • Live with dignity and integrity
  • Be joyful