Melanie Parent

"There are so many things my son loves about this new school, but his favorite days are when they spend time at the Worcester Art Museum. This week they studied with Ed Emberley and to say he was inspired is an understatement. I am so thankful he spends his time at school with people who inspire him and foster his creativity and love of learning."


Natalie Parent

"When I pick up my son from school and ask him how his day was, he always says 'It was awesome!'"


Christine Parent

"Teachers have alway been children's most valuable guides. You not only helped my son achieve his academic goals but your values and love for him help shape his future and find his moral compass. Your influence on him I know he will carry with him and will shape him for the rest of his life."


Nicole Parent

"My daughter thoroughly enjoys her time at this school. She is delighted to start work each morning, and is sad to leave. The educators are caring, professional, patient, and knowledgable- and are thoroughly invested in helping my child reach her potential as a learner and as an individual. I'm so pleased with our experience at this school, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a STEAM focused elementary school for their child."


Ginny Parent

"Wood working is an extremely enriching learning experience. Sadly due to budget cuts across schools the wood workshop was the first to go. It gives me hope and pride that our kids get to work with Technocopia in reviving this important element for our kids. Thank you."