Vacation Care

Summer at T.E.C.
Summer is a good time to learn something new in the company of good friends. Hands-on S.T.E.A.M. summer program at T.E.C. exposes students to skill sets that they normally don’t experience at school.  Continuing with our philosophy of Think, Explore, Create, students participate in engaging activities which emphasize the iterative engineering design process. Join us for a week or all six.

Summer programs are geared for students in grades K-8 from 9am-3pm.  Summer programs are $350 per week, and Before care is available from 8am-9:am at $10 per day. Extended care is also available from 3 until 5 pm at $20 per day.

Motors, sensors, programming and more! This exciting Lego Robotics program will engage students in creating robots using sensors and  MindStorms softwares. Projects cannot be sent home, but they will certainly enjoy making different robots again and again.
Build contraptions that move by studying forms of energy. Students will build contraptions that are powered by stored energy, kinetic energy, mechanical energy, and more. Students imagine and create new contraptions!
Students will learn the basics of computer-aided design using 3D modeling software. Learn  design principles and creation techniques, everything you need to design  your own 3D creations! The parts designed in class will be turned into reality.
Ready to discover some new adventures? Join us! Here is some of what we are going to do. Obligatory Treasure Map (that you found in a dusty old trunk in your friend’s grandparents’ attic 3 summers ago). And, it will be Tea Dyed when completed…
Join your friends in fast paced problem solving challenges to learn the design process. Learn lifelong skills of teamwork, thinking outside the box, collaboration, leadership, and develop critical and analytical thinking, all while having fun with friends!
Create a new mask from a different culture/nation/fantasy: Africa, Australia Aborigine, Chuck Close, Pablo Picasso, Superheroes.Walk to the Worcester Art Museum to explore the galleries and be inspired. Come back to make your very own mask!
Learn the science of molecular bonding, solutions, mixtures, and more. Walk to Institute Park to collect scientific specimen and discover the world under the  microscope
Imagine a bee hive as Steam Punk Art – inside the hive you will see a world of gears, steam power, chimnies, etc.Learn about different species and  their habitat. Convert the natural habitat into one of Steam Punk Art.

One Day Workshops and Vacation Programs

Students are welcome to participate in highly engaging, hands-on vacation programs during February and April vacations. We also offer One Day Workshops on conference and professional days. Students participate in building, acting, music and art activities. Vacation Care is provided during February and April vacations.

One Day Workshops are $70 per full day.

Vacation programs are $350 per week.

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