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Gingerbread Castle: An Interdisciplinary S.T.E.A.M. Project

Students were excited to participate in Worcester Art Museum's Gingerbread Castle Competition. They developed problem solving skills and used their knowledge to create a tangible solution. Students enjoyed working in a collaborative environment while having fun!
Prototype and the Gingerbread castle.

Our First Months at School: Fall 2016

We spent our first days in school exploring our environment. Fall was a great time to walk in our neighborhood. Institute Park was our favorite destination. We also started our partnership at the Worcester Art Museum.
Our science work!

Establishing The T.E.C. School: June 2016

Starting a school is an exciting endeavor. Check out this gallery to see how we built the school, one step at a time. With a great team of teachers and volunteers, T.E.C. Elementary was established in a record time of two months!
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