Giving Thanks @ T.E.C. Schools.

No words can express my gratitude for the wonderful T.E.C. community that we are building together! Teachers go above and beyond their job to nurture relationships with the students, parents, church staff, and TLC Preschool. Our students take responsibility and work hard every day, building their moral compass for the future.

I believe that The T.E.C. School is a place for children to practice life skills to the fullest. Our Thanksgiving Feast was not only a time for children to learn to clean, cook, and prepare the meal, but also to bring our community together as a whole. The food that we shared, the conversations that we had, and the song that we sang together will be cherished for years.

I have included pictures of our students preparing for the feast. The excitement of planning, working together and finally sitting down with friends simply cannot be captured in these pictures. The pictures exhibit once again that our work at T.E.C. is mission centric. Students at The T.E.C. Schools are curious, and love to pursue their interests passionately. They are confident to try new things and take risks, while seeking innovative ways to responsibly impact their community. Let us continue to empower them and give them opportunities, both at our school and around the world!

I am thankful that the city of Worcester offers an abundance of opportunities for our children. Many thanks to The T.E.C. families and students, Trinity Lutheran Church, TLC Preschool, our advisors, team of teachers, administrators, our partners at Worcester Art Museum, Crocodile River Music, ThinkTank, Technocopia, Orimagi, and our volunteers and appreciators. Your support is truly appreciated!

During this time of Thanksgiving, on behalf of the staff at T.E.C. School, I wish everyone a joyful time with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Rupali Sharma
Founder and Director,
The T.E.C. Schools. Think. Explore. Create.

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